I wake up with a strong peaceful feeling inside, at around 07:13

I have this zen like state the moment I open my eyes and it’s nice, for a change. Most days, I’m grumpy, in the morning, feeling mad at the world, but not today, today it’s blissful. I get up, and I take my everyday ‘stand on the side of the bed with my feet down resting on a soft carpet’ posture and thank the Lord. Thank you, Lord, for this day. I like doing this. I like to pray when I’m happy and doing well, to show God I’m not an ungrateful prick, coming to Him only in times of need. I don’t do it often, though, but in my mind, I’m thankful to Him when I’m good.

I go to the window and take a look at the park. It’s standing there, quiet and rich. Dense. Imposing. Grand. It calms me to look at it.

I make my coffee

I like it strong and black. Black as midnight on a moonless night. Just like agent Cooper (I loved that show, I can’t wait for the new series). And I come to the laptop, I feel like writing this nonsense. (I love the admin area of wordpress, especially when I click “add new post”, and the title zone is there, with the big bold font, that looks neat and classy, waiting for you to fill it with something important, not judging, but inviting, not hating, but loving. It just says “go ahead, buddy, believe in yourself, write it down, it will make you feel good”. And it does. Writing should never let you down).

I put some jazz

I feel like listening to some jazz, haven’t done it in a while, I kind of miss it. I’m putting Bill Evans, my pal.

I do my sport

So, with Bill and his piano harmoniously invading my house, I do my gymnastic and 2 series of 25 push-ups each. I do this every morning, without fail. I don’t like a saggy body, in the first hours of the day, I like to energize myself, to start fresh. Throughout the day, the depression gets me hard, my body as well, but the morning is mine. It will always be.

I never miss a breakfast

I’m going to walk the dog and eat a big breakfast, after that. I never miss a breakfast. It’s the most important and pleasant meal of the day, for me. Coffee, orange juice, toast, butter, yellow cheese, olives, maybe some ham, a heavenly mix of cereals, muesli and dried fruits in a bowl of yogurt, jam, honey, pancakes sometimes, biscuits, you name it. I just love sitting at the table, in the morning, and eating my breakfast.

Later today, I plan to shoot and edit a new youtube small movie. I should write a to-do list for today. It will help me manage my time better.

Good morning !