I went skiing last weekend.


I skied for the first time in 5 years.

I had a little ankle surgery back in 2012 and didn’t feel so great afterwards with my right leg. I, timidly, started playing tennis after that and gradually dived into mountain biking, too. But I didn’t feel up to skiing. My ankle is fine now, still hurts a little when I put extra amount of pressure on it, but, generally, it’s OK. This year, I told myself I must try to ski again, to see how it goes. And it was GREAT.

How I learned to ski

Skiing is very special to me. Just like swimming and tennis 🙂 To me, it’s the sport that feels closest to flying. It really gives me that sensation. I love it. I started to ski when I was a little boy and, throughout the years, I learned how to ski all by myself, like with most sports I am practicing. I was eavesdropping when the ski instructors gave their pupils advice. I was reading about it on the internet. I was studying other skiers’ moves whenever I could. And all this, combined with my natural sport instinct, which I was blessed with, made me a pretty awesome skier.


Man, I missed skiing so much

Skiing is a community sport, as well. It’s no fun to ski all by yourself. You simply need friends to have a good time on the slope. You share a story, a good laugh, you cannot not be happy when skiing. It’s a guaranteed recipe for short term happiness.

Today’s vibe comes from David Cutter. I use this chillhop music for my foolish videos. It goes along great with almost any footage, actually.