Today I went swimming

It felt great. I always feel liberating when I swim in a swimming pool. I did about 30 laps x 50 m/lap, that’s about 1,5 km (or 0.9 miles). It’s revitalizing. And the chlorine smell sticks with me hours after taking a shower. I like feeling it in my nostrils.

Best part about swimming

The best part of swimming, for me, is when I leave home. As I walk away from the swimming pool, I feel a pleasant fatigue, a drowsiness of the body and mind that completely disconnects me from everything, enveloping me in a zen state. I walk numb, not knowing the world exists. I smile. I have this ancient like peaceful feeling, knowing, somehow, that everything will be alright.

I love sports

I am sports guy. I do: swimming, mountain biking, skiing, tennis, ping-pong, ice skating, roller skating, hiking.

Since a little kid, I’ve been attracted to sports. I’m a natural, quick learner, I have an athletic body and I just love being outdoors, in the nature, especially.


These days I’m really into chillhop. So this is the one for today. Enjoy