I’m gonna be rich on YouTube, bitch !

Today I shot, edited and uploaded my first YouTube video.
It’s feels great. YEAH! The video itself is nothing much, just a simple walk in the park with my dog. I have this camera for over a year now, Nikon D3300, and haven’t used it for anything, really.

I loved the experience, holding the camera in my hand, coming home and edit the video. It was so exciting. I just hope the hype doesn’t go away too soon. I know myself too well, I get heated up like crazy after something and simply ignore it after a few days.

Doing this YouTube thing keeps me motivated, busy, it gives me something to do and not think about how depressed I am. It was freezing outside, but I don’t want to be a lazy asshole anymore.

Life is so beautiful, I need to grab it by the balls and jump with it in this vast wonderfulness the world is.

Check it out, guys. I hope you like it. I intend to make more soon. Spread the love, baby.