I love sports

I am sports guy. I do: swimming, mountain biking, skiing, tennis, ping-pong, ice skating, roller skating, hiking.

Since a little kid, I’ve been attracted to sports. I’m a natural, quick learner, I have an athletic body and I just love being outdoors, in the nature, especially.

Gyms are about Ego

I don’t like going to the gym. Gym is for the lazy. Going into a room, lifting weights and whatnot. You work with machines, not with your body. It’s seems artificial, fake. The best trainers will admit that most recommended exercises are with your own body weight. Like: push-ups, chin-ups, crunches and whatever exercising you can do using solely your body weight.

It’s all about ego in a gym, with all the mirrors and everybody watching everybody. People just want to be seen working out. I guess mostly narcissistic people go to the gym. They are in need of attention and gym is the easiest way to accomplish that. You don’t need brains or education or high values and principles to build muscles. You just push some machines, and there you: instant envy from everybody around you.

Hmm… that was not nice. I’m not a nice person to be thinking that about gym people. I hope anybody reading this (one person), who enjoys going to the gym, doesn’t get offended.

On a positive note, I leave you with 2 songs.

I used this one for a short video of mine:

I heard this one on the radio and liked a lot (I love piano and classical music). It moves you to tears, really.

Much love for all you wonderful people out there. Spread the love, baby !