How is writing helping me so far

Since my last post, I’ve been dying to write daily or whenever thoughts worthy of writing occurred. But I couldn’t find a free moment for it, since my girlfriend has spent 5 full days, I think, in the living room, where my laptop is. And I couldn’t go near it, to write. It was frustrating.

To get the picture, she is working very hard to support my sorry lazy ass. She even worked in the winter holiday. So, when she gets a day off, she just wants to sit in the couch and watch TV. All day. It relaxes her.

Back to my writing. No matter the activity I am doing (walking the dog in the park, doing chores in the house, etc.), my mind goes berserk. Almost all the time. Thinking random thoughts, nonsense, stupid things. I guess that’s very normal. But now, with the blog and all, I say to myself: “wait a minute, I’m going to write about this”. And I start thinking about how I will write it, what will I put in the post, specific lines come into mind and so forth.

This never happened before. It’s something new to me. My mind is preoccupied with posts, if I experience something rich, I’m like: “I need to write about this”. For now, it feels a bit strange, like being a slave of the blog, constantly wanting to write. Somehow, my mind doesn’t feel free any more. It’s just a bizarre feeling. Maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe writing is liberating, after all

Or, maybe, that’s exactly the liberation effect: experiencing stuff, putting your mind into writing mode and, then, write it down. All I know is that it feels good writing this right now.

PS: with my mind set to “writing mode” already, it pisses me off to have something to write about and not be able to do it immediately (that day, at least). Because, I forget the subject and don’t experience the liberating feel. Taking short notes, on the go, can be good, I guess. It’s not my style, but I’ll see.